A Little About Me

I’m Nick Zamora and I’m a Electronic Media Major at Texas State. I’m from Converse, Texas, which is right outside of San Antonio. I’ve always enjoyed watching movies. I feel in love with the art of cinema when I got into high school when I discovered the Cohen Brothers and their works. The Big Lebowski was the first movie that I saw that the medium could be used to tell a story that isn’t conventional.

After I saw The Big Lebowski, I moved into other directors who had been known to write stories similarly to the Cohen Brothers. Quentin Tarantino was the next director I discovered with his film Pulp Fiction. I fell in love with it instantly. The way that the film plays with the structure of time to tell it’s story was insane to my 16 year-old self.

The reason I wanted to start a blog about movies was to give people my thoughts on the movies I have seen. I want to share how I felt prior to seeing a film, with what I have heard by word of mouth, and how I felt after seeing the film. I won’t spoil anything about the movie to save the experience for viewers to go see. This will mostly be me saying what I liked and didn’t like about the movies, why I saw them and if I would recommend a movie based on what others like to see.

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